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Welcome to the home page for the Ronnie Wilson Quiz League and the Carney Summer League. Here you will be able to view the latest results, see the updated league tables and see future fixtures.

Interested in entering a team? Use the contact us to get in touch and register your interest. We run two leagues a year. The Carney Summer League starts around April, the Ronnie Wilson Quiz League starts around October




About The League


Organised quiz leagues have been run for many years in the Halifax area. Games are played on Tuesday evenings in league of 6, 8 or 10 teams, depending on the number of teams entering. There is a winter league(The Ronnie Wilson Quiz League) and a summer League(The Carney Summer Quiz League). The winter league usually has themed rounds, the summer league is all general knowledge.

Both summer and winter leagues also feature a knockout cup competition, with those teams knocked out in round 1 entering a plate competition. The winter league competition is usually a handicap, the summer league is straight knockout. Finally, there is an individual knockout cup and a pairs knockout cup at the end of each season.

The quiz takes the form of eight rounds of eight questions plus a team round at round 5. The team round may be a link(eight questions with a common theme to be identified), a list(for example, the 10 largest islands in the world) or a picture quiz. There are four members in a team, although teams may play with three members if a fourth member is unavailable. It is the responsibility of the home team to provide a reader for the questions. Away teams may provide a scorer if they desire, and these two individuals are the final arbiters on the night of any dispute.

Teams toss a coin to decide who goes first. The questions are then asked to each team in turn, one to each team member. Scores are awarded as follows: 3 points are awarded for a correct answer without conferring with the team. 2 points are awarded if the team gives a correct answer without the team member whose question it was giving an initial answer. 1 point will be awarded if an incorrect answer was given initially and then the team gives a correct answer after conferring. If the question is passed to the other team, 2 points will be awarded if a correct answer is given. If nobody answers correctly no points are awarded and the Questioner gives the answer